Join the Container Movement

Build, Ship and Run any Application, Anywhere with Docker

Let Emerging Technology Partners show you how to optimise infrastructure, operations & development costs with Containers.

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welcome to the API Economy

Transform your business with APIs and build an application network

Embrace the power of APIs. Use APIs to connect your organisation's applications, data, and devices. We're here to help you.

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Modernise Traditional Applications

Wanting to modernise your legacy applications?

Let Emerging Technology Partners help you modernise your applications with Docker Containers & APIs.

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Cloud Software Solutions

cloud software solutions that empower your users

Check out our portfolio of new generation cloud software solutions...

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End-User Access

Modernise End-User Access and your organisation's Customer Experience

Let us help you modernise your End-User access and computing experience with Application Virtualisation and Streaming.

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Software defined infrastructure

Modern infrastructure solutions from Emerging Technology Partners

Whatever Software-defined-Infrastructure solution you are looking for, the talented Team @ Emerging Technology Partners can probably help ...

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 YOUR DIGITAL transformation expert.

Emerging Technology Partners are a specialist cloud consultancy that delivers business-critical infrastructure and cloud technology projects. We provide strategic planning, architecture, design, implementation and managed services for enterprise and government organisations.

We work with our customers to identify and leverage the best cloud technologies for their unique needs – from containers to micro-services. Our experience, expertise and dedication to quality execution ensures the most efficient and smooth transformation possible, no matter how complex your current IT environment is - so you can focus on your business. 


Our simple 3-step engagement methodology


Put a strategy in place

Step 1: Education

Leverage our experience and expertise to give you a clear understanding of what these modern technologies can do for your organisation.

Get the technology right

Step 2: Validation

We validate that the elected technologies are fit for your technology purposes and are right for your organisation’s needs.

Make it work for you

Step 3: Implementation

We help you implement, deploy and operationalise the new technology and solution into your business.

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