Docker Platform Design, Build & Deploy

Docker Platform Design, Build and Deploy

Containers have become one of the major themes in the IT industry, following the rise to prominence of Docker and its platform. The technology has found popularity because it meshes well with a need for greater efficiency, reduction in IT costs, and increasing agility in development and IT operations.

Docker has popularised containers by pulling together a vast ecosystem that have embraced a single standard (the open container initiative), and provided the tools to develop and operate application code inside containers. The speed and simplicity with which containers could be provisioned and deployed using Docker meant the platform quickly found favour among developers.

Whilst developers had driven early adoption, new-found enterprise-wide adoption now means there is a need to build and support production-grade Docker platforms. Deploying a production-grade Docker platform is much more involved that simply installing the Docker engine on a Windows or Linux server. Production deployments must include capabilities that are expected of a mission critical platform, such as high availability, cross-host networking, persistent storage, service resilience, container management and orchestration, service performance and availability monitoring, and most importantly, security inclusive of Role based access control. The complexity to implement these features is often marginalised as they are not required (or even considered) in simple “stand-alone Docker host” deployments which most people are familiar with through experimenting with Docker in sandpit environments.

Emerging Technology Partners, though our specialising in Docker, have developed a deep understanding of how to deploy a production grade docker environment; we know how to secure it, how to support and monitor it, and we know the technologies that deliver the best outcome, be that through using Docker’s own commercial versions, or a combination of alternate vendor options such as Docker + Rancher.

If you are considering Docker for production deployments, get in contact with us; we can help you understand how to design, build, and operate a successful Docker platform.