Dropbox solutions for your organisation

Dropbox Business is an amazing cloud storage and collaboration solution for your organisation! 

Collaboration - Do more together

Dropbox integrates with your existing workflows. Unlock value by empowering users to work the way they want with the collaboration tools they need.

Unlock innovation

Trusted by 200,000 businesses, Dropbox gives teams what they need to push work forward and stay ahead of the curve.

Built for the modern workplace

Desktop notifications, inline commenting, and @mentioning create a fast and collaborative process.

Viewer Information - See who on your team has viewed your file—and when—to keep projects moving forward.

Inline commenting & mentioning - Add inline comments to Dropbox files on the website so all feedback is consolidated in one place, next to the file.

File requests - Collect and receive files, big or small, from anyone, right into your Dropbox account with a single link.

Team Folder - Centralise collaboration in team folders. Granular permissions facilitate secure collaboration with internal and external teams.

Secure external sharing

Send files or folders to people outside your company using shared links—even if the recipients aren't Dropbox users. Track external collaboration patterns and protect those links by setting sharing permissions with passwords and expiration dates.

Works well with others

Dropbox makes the files and platforms you work with everyday even more effective. With thousands of app integrations already leveraging the Dropbox Platform, we’re committed to working with our partners to deliver powerful technology solutions.

Collaborate more effectively in Microsoft Office with co-authoring and mobile editing. The Badge shows you if someone is viewing or editing the file you're working on, and gives you the option to update to the latest version if someone saves changes.
Seamlessly integrate Dropbox with best-of-breed solutions (DLP, DRM, SIEM).
Use the Dropbox API to integrate custom apps, empowering your team to work the way they want. 


Dropbox Business gives you the tools you need to keep data safe, while empowering your team to use the same file sync and share tool trusted by 500 million registered users.

Safeguard sensitive company data - Encyrption, Compliance & Privacy

Dropbox gives you everything you need to do your most important job--keep your team's work safe.

To protect data in transit between Dropbox apps and our servers, Dropbox uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) for data transfer, creating a secure tunnel protected by 128-bit or higher Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). Files at rest are encrypted using 256-bit AES.

Dropbox Business complies with the most widely-accepted standards and regulations--like ISO 27001 and SOC 1, 2, and 3--with compliance measures geared to the specific needs of your business. 

Empowering IT

Easily monitor Dropbox activity on your domain to prevent unauthorized access from personal accounts. Organize admins and groups and restrict access with intuitive sharing controls.

Recovery & Back-up - Get full visibility and access to old versions of your documents and easily recover past iterations.

Team Folder Manager - View all your team folders from a single tab. This makes it easy to customize sharing policies to prevent mis-sharing of confidential materials.

Device Management - Device approvals and remote wipe help to ensure that your business's data only lives where it should. Dropbox Enterprise customers can work with third-partyproviders to leverage Enterprise Mobility Management.

Key Reasons to Upgrade to Dropbox Business

1. Retain ownership of data

If you’ve ever had an employee leave the organisation with critical files, you know the pain and the importance of retaining ownership over data. With Dropbox Business, you can do just that. While you can’t touch company data stored in Basic or Pro accounts, you retain full ownership of content in Dropbox Business accounts. So if an employee leaves, you can remotely wipe their devices of work files and transfer the content of the account to another team member. It’s as painless as it gets.

2. Gain visibility and control over data

Dropbox makes sharing easy for users, and Dropbox Business makes keeping tabs on what’s being shared just as easy for IT. Admins can track file-specific activities such as when links are created, people are invited to shared folders, and files are accessed. These activity features help you keep an eye on your account to make sure only the right people can see confidential business data. 

3. Switching is safe and easy

Migrating your team to Dropbox Business is quick and painless. Existing Basic and Pro users get to keep all their shared folders, and anything private will stay that way. Plus, each team member will have the chance to move any personal files into a new Dropbox that’s all theirs, leaving business data safely in your company’s control. And they can do it all in just a few minutes.

4. Empower a mobile workforce:

Make mobile easy by taking the office with you
Whether it's connecting to a server via VPN or emailing files back and forth, staying productive outside the office is frustrating at best. Even moving files between a laptop, smartphone, and tablet or from one app to another can be downright headache-inducing. Dropbox for Business takes the pain out of mobile access by making your team's files available everywhere, so they can be just as productive on the road as they are.
Stay in sync and get work done anytime, anywhere
Our easy-to-use sync works across Windows, Android, iOS, Mac, and Linux, so your team can get to their files with the devices they already use. And with delta, LAN, and streaming sync, they'll get the fastest, most reliable file transfers around. Whether team members are online or offline, inside the corporate network or on the go, their files will be ready and waiting.
Access all your files on smartphones and tablets
Getting to files in smartphone and tablet apps no longer means jumping through hoops. Dropbox for Business gives every team member one centralized folder that can 
connect to over 300,000 third-party apps for document editing, communication, productivity, and more. By just saving to Dropbox, team members can work with up-to-date files across different mobile apps whenever they need to.
Make the tools your team already uses collaborative
Your team uses all different types of files and devices to get work done designers on Photoshop images, product team on AutoCAD models, and Finance in Excel spreadsheets. And for Sales to pull all of these into a PowerPoint deck, it means moving information into long email threads, relying on slow servers, or tossing thumb drives back and forth. Or worse yet, using online apps that give everyone yet another system to learn and work with.
With Dropbox Business, WT Partnership can keep everything up to date in one place while still using the tools they love.
Sync effortlessly with best-in-class performance
We handle all the hard work so your team never has to. When you save a file, everything is uploaded to your Dropbox in the background. Pick up your work on another computer, or access the file through our website or mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android, and it's updated. Our delta, LAN, and streaming sync technologies optimize bandwidth to make uploads and downloads quick and efficient, for seamless collaboration from anywhere.
Protect the information you exchange
With everyone on one platform, you get full visibility over how critical work files are accessed
 and shared. Sharing controls let you set permissions to allow team members only, or allow certain folders and files to be available to external collaborators as well. Activity logs track how content is accessed including new shared folders, invited members, changes in permissions, and much more.
Dropbox Business Integrates with your existing workflows
Dropbox has the largest ecosystem of integrated 3rd party apps of any cloud storage provider. In total, thousands of applications are using the Dropbox API to integrate cloud storage services into the application functionality.
Applications who integrate with Dropbox exist that cover a variety of business needs across many different lines of business, thus an investment in Dropbox for Business will allow our customers to take advantage of these application integrations now and in the future. Dropbox Business especially unlocks application access to administrative and reporting features not found in the consumer version.

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“It’s great that something so fundamental to a business can be so simple
that you don’t need a dedicated person to maintain it.” 
Kenny Van Zant, Business Lead, Asana