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Want to know more about cloud usage and risk within your IT environment?

ViFX, in partnership with Netskope, will perform a Cloud Risk Assessment to provide you with a true picture of your cloud usage.

  • Do you know what cloud applications your staff are using?
    Experts estimate that only 10% of cloud applications in current IT environments have been sanctioned by the IT team for use. The other 90% fall under the banner of Shadow IT.
  • Do you understand the risk that each cloud application carries?
    Not all cloud applications adhere to industry standards or have been certified for secure data transit and storage. Your data may be being stored on insecure platforms, without your knowledge.

The Cloud Risk Assessment will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the cloud applications currently used in your environment, and the risks they pose to your data.

The standard Cloud Risk Assessment is non-invasive, and simply requires the submission of web proxy or firewell logs from a recent time period to a secure, dedicated SOC-1 and SOC-2 Type II-certified Netskope tenant instance.

Once the analysis has been completed, ViFX will present the findings and recommendations to your team.

Get a no-obligation risk assessment, including:


Comprehensive information

View cloud apps by category, enterprise-readiness level, and risk.


Understand usage

Usage and data movement in sanctioned and unsanctioned apps.


Understand risk

Find out about DLP violations and data exposure.

Genomic Health

Genomic Health, Craig Guinasso, Chief Security Officer

"Cloud security is a program, not a solution. We need to really understand what data are moving to the cloud, and which are sensitive. We need to coach and encourage our users to do the right thing. Netskope helps find out what users are doing, and put security controls around those activities."