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What is the third platform?

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27 Aug 2014


The next wave of IT innovation that will bring a great deal of change for IT and business.

The third platform is a term coined by IDC that refers to the third major technological platform to bring about significant change and high growth opportunities. It is a next-generation computing platform that sees a convergence of four technological trends that will transform the way people and businesses relate to technology, and will be strong drivers of IT innovation over the remaining decade.

The four technologies are:

  1. Cloud
  2. Social media
  3. Mobility
  4. Big data


Ref: IDC

The coming together of these four technologies is transforming IT at a rapid rate and has far reaching implications not only for those in the IT industry, but for anyone doing business in today’s world. With cloud at the core of the third platform we anticipate many enterprises shifting away from legacy systems and design, and instead investing in public and hybrid cloud solutions.

The driving force behind this overall trend is an evolution from a focus on what the technology is, to a focus on how it is used. The commoditisation of technology is here and how businesses embrace this transformation will be a defining factor in deciding who comes out on top.

The future of IT

At ViFX we strongly believe that future IT investments will be skewed toward third platform initiatives and for any enterprise to be successful they will very quickly need to identify, select, learn and implement new platforms. To truly unlock innovation and the disruptive power of the third platform, organisations will need to have a strategic and holistic approach to these technologies. Competitive advantage will come to those businesses who deliver new offerings empowered by the third platform and whose business models align more closely with business outcomes and customer experiences.

To navigate your way through these myriad options you’ll need to partner with a consultancy that knows cloud and understands how the third platform will not only impact IT operations but businesses as a whole.

As providers of cloud consultancy and solutions for enterprise-scale businesses we look forward to assisting you on your journey to cloud and to embrace the third platform.

Author: Nicki Shirley

Nicki specialises in branding, digital marketing and customer engagement, with a keen interest in how marketing will drive the future of business and the customer experience.

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