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What does SDDC look like in action? A dev/test example

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30 Aug 2016

SDDC Dev/TestIn recent weeks we’ve discussed what a Software Defined Data Centre (SDDC) is and why you would consider taking a software-centric approach. To really get a good handle on it, the easiest way is to see it in action.

A dev/test example

Test and development environments are typically comprised of the same infrastructure components as production environments: compute, storage and networking. They may have reduced performance and availability requirements, but they need to be provisioned and de-provisioned much more regularly. To ensure the highest quality of application development this must be done consistently. An SDDC can provide this capability in a secure and repeatable way, while always ensuring that the crown jewels of production systems and data are not impacted.

An example of a typical workflow in an SDDC, where all actions are requested and implemented through software, might be:

  • Initial request for a new testing environment
  • Request approval
  • Automated deployment of all compute, storage and networking incorporating intelligent allocation of resources and network isolation
  • Hand off to scripted application software deployment
  • Notification of environment availability

In a traditional virtualised environment, a typical enterprise application development project may take several months, with developers having to work around many recurring disruptions as they wait for infrastructure teams to provision resources. There are many manual steps which can often be hindered by delays, project constraints, and even human error.

Studies have shown that large software projects on average run 66 percent over budget and 33 percent over schedule[1], and that the greatest component cost of application development is infrastructure[2].

By leveraging the capabilities of a software-defined environment with end-to-end provisioning, dramatic reductions in provisioning time are possible with improved controls, consistency and security. Project duration is dramatically reduced, developer productivity is improved, and overall quality of environments is raised. Reducing timelines and increasing efficiency has the very real benefits of accelerating delivery and reducing operating costs.

SDDC Dev/Test



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Author: David Jacobsen

David’s focus is on infrastructure architecture, always on the look-out for new and innovative technologies that can improve his clients business and solve real world problems.

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