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Cloud Access Security Brokers: Understanding cloud risk management

The realm of Shadow IT

Cloud apps are in use everywhere, including within the enterprise. When a staff member has access to so many apps that make their life easier as a public consumer, they come to expect the same levels of service within their place of work. When the IT department can’t deliver on that level of service, the user finds another way.

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The path to remarkable customer experiences

The trouble with Service Providers is just that - they have to provide services! If they do not have a suitable service for your customers, well that is just too bad. But is that really good enough?

The business will of course typically get the service they want anyway, raising the spectre of shadow IT. Business leaders are looking at cloud based apps and thinking "wow, we could do more or save more if we had this or that app". Some go right ahead and download without even thinking about it. However, it should be understood that these are not deliberate anti-IT actions.

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How To Save Even More With Right-Sourcing

Organisations are always looking for ways to trim cost, either just to take money off the bottom line or to be able to afford to do other, more interesting initiatives that add business value through alignment and agility. If we look back to where the big savings have been made in the delivery of IT services, and in particular in the delivery of IT infrastructure services, we will all recognise these first couple of trends.

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The Rise Of IT As A Service Broker

Today's blog post is a quick summary of some of the things we have been talking about recently around optimisation and also touches on the role of the IT deparment as we move boldly into a cloudy world.

We have seen IT move through the virtualisation phase to deliver greater efficiency and some have moved on to the Cloud phase to deliver more automation, elasticity and metering. Cloud can be private, public, community or hybrid, so Cloud does not necessarily imply an external service provider.

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