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The Public Cloud Honeymoon

I still love a good conversation around IO and processing power, within esoteric circles of course. Years of infrastructure refresh projects and infrastructure management have made me appreciate the evolution of compute hardware and storage. But after entering the mystical area of Public Cloud management, I've got a whole new range of alluring features and benefits gaining my affection.

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How To Save Even More With Right-Sourcing

Organisations are always looking for ways to trim cost, either just to take money off the bottom line or to be able to afford to do other, more interesting initiatives that add business value through alignment and agility. If we look back to where the big savings have been made in the delivery of IT services, and in particular in the delivery of IT infrastructure services, we will all recognise these first couple of trends.

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Why You Need To Unlearn Everything About IT Infrastructure

With the evolution of massive scale public cloud services, the way we manage IT infrastructure is changing and the IT infrastructure employee needs to change with it. But is this change in skills too much of a massive leap and what will it take to survive in this future world of cloud?

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