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Protecting your SaaS app data

With the significant trend for consuming Cloud software, which IDC believes is growing at a pace of 3 times that of traditional software delivery (IDC Market Analysis Perspective: Worldwide SaaS and Cloud Software, 2016), we really need a solid Data Protection solution for SaaS apps right?

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Getting started with Azure Automation

Azure Automation is one of the powerful features that Microsoft provides, that allows users to either write fresh scripts or leverage existing PowerShell scripts, and execute them through the Azure Portal.

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Cloud Access Security Brokers: Understanding cloud risk management

The realm of Shadow IT

Cloud apps are in use everywhere, including within the enterprise. When a staff member has access to so many apps that make their life easier as a public consumer, they come to expect the same levels of service within their place of work. When the IT department can’t deliver on that level of service, the user finds another way.

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New Zealand Cloud Priorities Report 2016 [Infographic]

As far as cloud reports and surveys go, there’s certainly no shortage of information out there. However, as it relates to cloud usage and challenges in the adoption of cloud services, and in New Zealand in particular, we felt there was a lack of material with a local flavour. This inspired us to run our inaugural New Zealand Cloud Priorities Survey.

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The 5 key steps to evolve your Infrastructure team in the Cloud Era

ViFX has the benefit of working with many customers who rely on large scale IT infrastructure. The ViFX Managed Operations team has worked alongside many of them as they transition business systems and their dependencies away from on-premise Virtual Infrastructure to either cloud services or cloud-based IaaS.

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How to save a staggering 30% when moving to IaaS

At ViFX we have the good fortune to work with many organisations that are either planning, migrating to, or have already made the move to IaaS. These organisations have moved to a variety of locations; either our own ViFX IaaS platform, other local IaaS platforms, or to the large offshore providers.

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Does "free credit" really mean free?

Or is it a little unicorn laughing its rainbow coloured balls off at you?

The day starts off normal enough. In between your refund from Ashley Madison and your Grab One gluten free, organic, hypoglycemic bean curd by-product protein bars offer (yes you CAN spend 14 hours a day at your ergo desk and still get a six pack), you spot it - FREE PUBLIC CLOUD CREDIT.

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How to save time and money with Azure automation

Leveraging automation against any application or platform can yield significant benefits to any organisation. There are many objectives for introducing automation, however for the purposes of this blog I’d like to explore these typical categories:

  • Improving customer experience
  • Minimising operational costs
  • Reducing human effort
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