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Protecting your SaaS app data

With the significant trend for consuming Cloud software, which IDC believes is growing at a pace of 3 times that of traditional software delivery (IDC Market Analysis Perspective: Worldwide SaaS and Cloud Software, 2016), we really need a solid Data Protection solution for SaaS apps right?

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vCenter Server Appliance? Sure, why not?

For all you Sys Admins out there that manage vSphere you know how critical it is to have a reliable and easy to use management interface. VMware vCenter Server is the heart of a vSphere deployment, and provides a centralised platform for managing all the components of your vSphere deployment. These days vSphere administrators are presented with a number of supported deployment models for running vCenter Server, but there’s really only one that I prefer now, which is the vCenter Server Appliance. I know it wasn’t that flash in the early days, but it’s certainly matured. Read on for a little background and comparison.

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Data Protection in the Cloud Era

It’s no secret that cloud adoption is gathering significant steam, with an estimated 9 out of 10 operations that will be running in the cloud by 2020. Already, we know that 70% of organisations are managing some form of data in the cloud, right now. This is why it’s important for organisations to look at how their data protection platform can aid in their future strategy for cloud migration. I believe businesses should choose a data protection platform that has multi-cloud functionality, giving them the flexibility to decide the best services and solutions (private, public, or hybrid cloud) that work for them.

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Managing Data Complexity [Infographic]

With the digitisation of business and everything becoming much more application-centric, the relationship between IT and the business has changed. IT staff used to sit in the background simply making sure that backups ran successfully each night. However, in this application-centric world, backup and storage management is no longer just about protecting data at rest. They must now aggressively safeguard and optimise access to enterprise applications on which the business depends, all day, every day.

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7 simple tips for effective data protection

Data protection should never materially slow you down. If you don't have a modern data protection platform and waste too much time "trying to make it work", you probably need to consider replacement.

Knowing that backups are consistent and will be available whenever they are needed is a high priority on any IT teams’ agenda. Running an efficient, modern data protection platform is key to ensuring environment peace of mind.

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How to save a staggering 30% when moving to IaaS

At ViFX we have the good fortune to work with many organisations that are either planning, migrating to, or have already made the move to IaaS. These organisations have moved to a variety of locations; either our own ViFX IaaS platform, other local IaaS platforms, or to the large offshore providers.

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Get your pre-Christmas checklist sorted now

Oh yes. Press play on the Vengaboys “We like to party” because Christmas is almost here! Nothing empties your bank account, injects a few kilos of fat into your body and ultimately makes you a little bit anxious, quite like Christmas.

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Does "free credit" really mean free?

Or is it a little unicorn laughing its rainbow coloured balls off at you?

The day starts off normal enough. In between your refund from Ashley Madison and your Grab One gluten free, organic, hypoglycemic bean curd by-product protein bars offer (yes you CAN spend 14 hours a day at your ergo desk and still get a six pack), you spot it - FREE PUBLIC CLOUD CREDIT.

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