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Gaining a competitive edge with a Software Defined Data Centre

When thinking about a Software Defined Data Centre (SDDC), it’s easy to think of it as simply an integration of a range of technologies. But what will these technologies really deliver, and how will they contribute to delivering value to your organisation?

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Data Protection in the Cloud Era

It’s no secret that cloud adoption is gathering significant steam, with an estimated 9 out of 10 operations that will be running in the cloud by 2020. Already, we know that 70% of organisations are managing some form of data in the cloud, right now. This is why it’s important for organisations to look at how their data protection platform can aid in their future strategy for cloud migration. I believe businesses should choose a data protection platform that has multi-cloud functionality, giving them the flexibility to decide the best services and solutions (private, public, or hybrid cloud) that work for them.

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Finding the gems at Oracle Cloud Day

Oracle have such a big target on their back. Everything they do will be received so critically by most of the market that it becomes one of those paradoxes whereby they end up exceeding (low) expectations by some margin.

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Musings on the IBM & VMware hybrid cloud partnership announcement

When I read the announcement that IBM and VMware have signed a strategic partnership, that will in their words “accelerate enterprise hybrid cloud adoption”, it came as somewhat of a surprise. Not an earth shattering "they've figured out how to commercialise data storage using DNA strands!" surprise, but still a surprise.

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Making the leap from 2015 to 2016

As I begin the New Year feeling refreshed and revived from a well-deserved break, I’ve been reflecting on what happened in 2015 and where I think things may go in 2016. Just to warn you – this is not some sort of technology predictions type blog, but instead some musings on how the type of work we delivered in 2015 seemed to take a turning point, and where I think this may lead to in 2016.

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VMworld 2015 - what you need to know

I had the pleasure of attending VMware’s annual gathering  - VMworld, in San Francisco recently. This year was my fifth VMworld and it was noticeable how the event grows each year in terms of the amount of attendees, vendors on display, sessions to attend and friends to catch up with.

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vCloud Air – Will it work for my organisation?

By now you have probably heard at least some information about the ViFX VMware vCloud Air offering. More than likely you will have heard it provides a simple, cost effective way for New Zealand businesses to access the transformative advantages of the hybrid cloud in a seamless way. But, in the back of your mind there are probably still a few nagging questions. In particular, “Will it work for my organisation?”

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Why the cloud just makes sense for disaster recovery

There are countless options when it comes to disaster recovery, that cover the gamut from a pile of unlabelled backup tapes in a charred cardboard box, to synchronously replicated duplicates of every last system in your estate, all at a secondary site. And so, with recent access to vCloud Air we've been doing some thinking - and disaster recovery in the cloud really does make the most sense.

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