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Making the leap from 2015 to 2016

As I begin the New Year feeling refreshed and revived from a well-deserved break, I’ve been reflecting on what happened in 2015 and where I think things may go in 2016. Just to warn you – this is not some sort of technology predictions type blog, but instead some musings on how the type of work we delivered in 2015 seemed to take a turning point, and where I think this may lead to in 2016.

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VMs and Containers - better together for sure

IT Infrastructure, SDDC, DevOps


19 Nov 2015

With the growing adoption of containers; Docker in particular, and the rising popularity of OpenStack, there has been talk that this could spell the end for virtualisation. The initial thoughts amongst container and open source advocates were that you had to choose one over of the other, but you can now integrate them to get increased synergies from the combined approaches.

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Containerising project delivery - the DevOps way

Service Management, DevOps


05 Nov 2015

Traditionally IT departments have had two primary purposes, the first was to ‘keep the lights on’ and the second was to provide capability to deliver technology changes. In this new era however these two purposes are morphing together where ‘keeping the lights on’ teams are needing to closely integrate with the teams managing the technology changes.

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How to Enhance your IT Infrastructure

As disruption continues to stamp its mark across most industries the pressure for IT departments to adjust to the new business world is building. We’re increasingly hearing from our customers that they need more flexibility to incorporate new technologies, development approaches and services, and they need this done with speed. Their IT infrastructure has to be nimble so the organisation can move quickly and capitalise as opportunities arise.

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Two-speed DevOps - a powerful new approach

As I've been considering the role Service Management will play in the future of IT, I've been doing a lot of reading around DevOps in an effort to understand how adopting DevOps can significantly improve IT delivery. While DevOps core adoption is typically around web applications, it can also be used to improve the delivery experience on existing 'monolithic' legacy applications.

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