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Data Protection in the Cloud Era

It’s no secret that cloud adoption is gathering significant steam, with an estimated 9 out of 10 operations that will be running in the cloud by 2020. Already, we know that 70% of organisations are managing some form of data in the cloud, right now. This is why it’s important for organisations to look at how their data protection platform can aid in their future strategy for cloud migration. I believe businesses should choose a data protection platform that has multi-cloud functionality, giving them the flexibility to decide the best services and solutions (private, public, or hybrid cloud) that work for them.

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Managing Data Complexity [Infographic]

With the digitisation of business and everything becoming much more application-centric, the relationship between IT and the business has changed. IT staff used to sit in the background simply making sure that backups ran successfully each night. However, in this application-centric world, backup and storage management is no longer just about protecting data at rest. They must now aggressively safeguard and optimise access to enterprise applications on which the business depends, all day, every day.

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7 simple tips for effective data protection

Data protection should never materially slow you down. If you don't have a modern data protection platform and waste too much time "trying to make it work", you probably need to consider replacement.

Knowing that backups are consistent and will be available whenever they are needed is a high priority on any IT teams’ agenda. Running an efficient, modern data protection platform is key to ensuring environment peace of mind.

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Unlock the power of storage snapshots

Data Protection, Storage


29 Jul 2015

In an earlier blog post we spoke about the necessity to consider the extended Commvault feature set, which takes it from 'just another backup product' to a complete data management solution. One such feature which we are beginning to see wider adoption of is "Intellisnap", so I thought I would take the opportunity to share some thoughts which I hope you will find useful.

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Stop Being A Slave To Your Email System

Today more than ever a huge amount of communication with clients and suppliers occurs via email. Email today has become the standard method for "having things in writing" and many people rely on the fact that they can store these emails to be referenced at some stage in the future, if the need arises.

Research suggests that more than 60% of business-critical information is stored in email! With that in mind, we thought we'd share CommVault's 7 Steps to Comprehensive Email Management.

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CommVault - Not Just A Backup Product

I'll just have the usual thanks!

Why is it that most companies simply order the same item from the CommVault menu? Is it because that's what they have always done and it's not broken, so why fix it? Is it because CommVault is viewed as being expensive? Perhaps the other features within the product are simply not known? Whatever the reason, in my experience the majority of customers stick with what they are used to, namely CommVault Backup, and do not appear to venture too far from the core functionality.

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How To Plan The Ultimate CommVault Upgrade

Overcoming the weight of history

Are the battle scars from previous CommVault upgrades still fresh in your mind?  I’m sure there are a number of you reading this that have had a less than optimal experience with upgrades in the past, and are now thinking “oh no, not again”.

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