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Actionable IT Infrastructure Consulting

Cloud Strategy


12 Oct 2017

As an IT infrastructure consultant, in the past, I have occasionally delivered output that was not directly actionable. I hate that and I am determined not to do it again.

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Cloud Access Security Brokers: Understanding cloud risk management

The realm of Shadow IT

Cloud apps are in use everywhere, including within the enterprise. When a staff member has access to so many apps that make their life easier as a public consumer, they come to expect the same levels of service within their place of work. When the IT department can’t deliver on that level of service, the user finds another way.

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New Zealand Cloud Priorities Report 2016 [Infographic]

As far as cloud reports and surveys go, there’s certainly no shortage of information out there. However, as it relates to cloud usage and challenges in the adoption of cloud services, and in New Zealand in particular, we felt there was a lack of material with a local flavour. This inspired us to run our inaugural New Zealand Cloud Priorities Survey.

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Finding the gems at Oracle Cloud Day

Oracle have such a big target on their back. Everything they do will be received so critically by most of the market that it becomes one of those paradoxes whereby they end up exceeding (low) expectations by some margin.

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Musings on the IBM & VMware hybrid cloud partnership announcement

When I read the announcement that IBM and VMware have signed a strategic partnership, that will in their words “accelerate enterprise hybrid cloud adoption”, it came as somewhat of a surprise. Not an earth shattering "they've figured out how to commercialise data storage using DNA strands!" surprise, but still a surprise.

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How to be a market disruptor with microservices

As you round out 2015 reflecting on all your IT achievements throughout the year, you’re probably starting to look ahead and think about upcoming priorities for 2016 to enhance your digital experiences or build completely new services. If you’re feeling particularly motivated, you may be contemplating your approach and giving consideration to which new technologies you should be deploying and methodologies you should be leveraging to help you deliver these projects more effectively.

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Evaluating IT Infrastructure Options

The market for IT infrastructure components, including servers and storage, continues to fragment as the few big players of five years ago are augmented by a constant stream of new entrants and maturing niche players - but some things haven’t changed.

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vCloud Air – Will it work for my organisation?

By now you have probably heard at least some information about the ViFX VMware vCloud Air offering. More than likely you will have heard it provides a simple, cost effective way for New Zealand businesses to access the transformative advantages of the hybrid cloud in a seamless way. But, in the back of your mind there are probably still a few nagging questions. In particular, “Will it work for my organisation?”

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