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Stop Being A Slave To Your Email System


Today more than ever a huge amount of communication with clients and suppliers occurs via email. Email today has become the standard method for "having things in writing" and many people rely on the fact that they can store these emails to be referenced at some stage in the future, if the need arises.

Research suggests that more than 60% of business-critical information is stored in email! With that in mind, we thought we'd share CommVault's 7 Steps to Comprehensive Email Management.

CommVault suggests that to protect, retain and manage email efficiently throughout its lifecycle you should follow these 7 steps:

Step One: Control it

The volume of email is growing exponentially, every day. Tame your email explosion with a smart email management solution that will eliminate troublesome PST files, control data growth and lower infrastructure costs.

Step Two: Archive it

One of the best ways to gain control over email is to archive it into a common repository where it can be efficiently protected, managed and analysed to discover and delete emails that may present risk to the business.

Step Three: Integrate it

Simplify the complexity of your email management by integrating it with your corporate data management strategy where backup, archive and reporting are converged into a single, easy to manage, solution.

Step Four: Discover it

Once email data is centrally contained in a common repository, be sure that you and your business users can easily search, classify, select and retrieve the email they need even when the clock is ticking.

Step Five: Automate it

Eliminate expensive manual discover tasks and the use of the disparate products with automated enterprise-wide legal holds that will reduce the costs and risks of email eDiscovery.

Step Six: Hold it

Once email is discovered and preserved, be sure that legal holds also prevent the alteration or destruction of that data.

Step Seven: Analyse it

Take away the guesswork with customisable reporting to track and tend email capacity usage as well as discovery reports.


As we have discussed in previous blogs, the CommVault Simpana solution set offers a variety of features which will allow you to tackle a few, or all of the above steps and really start to address the problems associated with modern email management. Whether it is simply backup; providing the peace of mind that comes with advanced protection and the knowledge that you can recover arguably the most critical business tool in the event of a disaster, or the benefits of archiving; allowing intelligent tiering of email data based on business policies, the CommVault Simpana solution can bring it all together under a common banner giving simple management and a solution that grows with your needs.

Don't let your email solution control you, take control of it and start to get even more value!

Author: Paul Hallett

Paul is a data protection specialist with the principal responsibility of developing and delivering our Commvault managed services.

29 January 2015 / 0 Comments