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New Zealand Cloud Priorities Report 2016 [Infographic]


As far as cloud reports and surveys go, there’s certainly no shortage of information out there. However, as it relates to cloud usage and challenges in the adoption of cloud services, and in New Zealand in particular, we felt there was a lack of material with a local flavour. This inspired us to run our inaugural New Zealand Cloud Priorities Survey.

In the 2016 Cloud Priorities Survey, we sought to understand the current uptake of public cloud and, if using public cloud, what aspects were providing challenges or are being given priority throughout the remainder of 2016. We asked IT professionals from a range of New Zealand enterprises which public cloud platforms they are currently using and what their focus areas were around cloud usage.

Below is an infographic that highlights some of the most salient findings. We think you’ll find this, and the full report, interesting reading.

There are many perspectives a survey could take when it comes to cloud services – adoption, security, identity, consumption, marketplaces, challenges, governance, operating models, etc. For our maiden venture, we chose to take on only a couple of these themes – namely adoption, visibility of usage and governance. This was motivated by our engagements with customers and the market, where the pain and fear of loss of operational expenditure control is palpable.

The results of any survey show the bias of the respondents. This is a tautology no doubt, but what I mean to say is that this New Zealand cloud survey reflects the preferences of your people, who understand what it means to operate in this environment, at this scale, with this level of maturity of cloud providers, and this proximity to regional and global cloud public services.

If you are interested to comparing these results with broader, global surveys from a larger group of respondents, I can also recommend this survey from the Cloud Security Alliance. It is interesting to see that our region (APAC) has the most “Full Steam Ahead” attitude to cloud (p.9). Hopefully this means we can repeat the achievements of previous adoption waves when New Zealand (and Australia) were recognised as the most virtualised countries in the world.

As more New Zealand departments look to increase their adoption of cloud services, we hope these findings and shared market experiences can provide some guidance.


I do encourage you to read the full Cloud Priorities Report, and as always we would be interested to hear your feedback and comments.

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Author: James Knapp

James focuses on the cloud technology landscape, developing cloud strategies for our clients, as well as being a regular conference presenter on new IT service delivery models.

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