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Managing Data Complexity [Infographic]


With the digitisation of business and everything becoming much more application-centric, the relationship between IT and the business has changed. IT staff used to sit in the background simply making sure that backups ran successfully each night. However, in this application-centric world, backup and storage management is no longer just about protecting data at rest. They must now aggressively safeguard and optimise access to enterprise applications on which the business depends, all day, every day.

This sort of application-level data management creates a whole host of data management complexities and challenges for IT teams.

The infographic below summarises where some of the complexity is coming from and what 250 IT executives have to say about it. This is from a UBM Tech study to learn more about what IT decision-makers are worried about and focused on as they look to simplify the increasingly complex work associated with application data management and, by doing so, to significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness with which it meets the escalating demands of business.

Managing Data Protection Infographic

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Author: Paul Hallett

Paul is a data protection specialist with the principal responsibility of developing and delivering our Commvault managed services.

23 May 2016 / 0 Comments