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How can you establish a digital enterprise for the future?

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16 Aug 2016


The face of business has undergone marked change in recent times and this rapid shift continues to challenge organisations across the globe, including New Zealand. Every conceivable industry is being confronted with customer-facing digitisation, as new technology arises and traditional barriers are broken down. Companies such as Netflix, Uber, and Spotify have stamped their mark of disruption on their respective markets and left the old services scrambling to keep up.

Across a range of industries there are many instances where IT innovation is unfortunately hindered by complex IT environments and legacy systems and data centres that simply can’t keep up with the changing demands of today’s business climate.

IT infrastructure reimagined

To succeed it is critical that your IT department is focused on the digital enterprise of the future with careful consideration given to the strategy that will help you achieve this. To ensure your organisation not only survives this current disruption but thrives in the future, IT must be nimble, allowing the enterprise to move quickly and capitalise on opportunities as they arise.

Having an agile, leading-edge IT environment is a powerful business tool. Previously, it has been argued that those impressive capabilities were only available to a select few companies operating on a global scale – those such as Facebook, Google and other web-based businesses.

However, the ever increasing capabilities and services available via the cloud and the inherent scale and efficiencies it brings, means that agile and leading-edge IT environments are now available to a great many more organisations, levelling the playing field and creating opportunities for increased competition.

Technology has now advanced far enough to make any domain of IT infrastructure – compute, networking and storage – entirely serviceable with a layer of software that runs on commodity hardware. By bringing the power and advantages of virtualisation to your entire IT infrastructure, the way has been paved for the Software Defined Data Centre (SDDC) – which means that digital transformation just got a whole lot easier.

What is a Software Defined Data Centre?

While virtualisation of compute and the associated benefits are very well established, virtualisation of storage and networking has only more recently matured to the levels required by modern enterprises. Today businesses rightly demand high availability, reliability, strong support structures, good compatibility, and the potential to leverage existing skillsets.

The Software Defined Data Centre is an evolution of IT infrastructure, combining robust software-driven automation with virtualisation of compute, storage and networking. The result is an environment that can deliver IT as a Service (ITaaS) quickly, consistently, efficiently and reliably. With a data centre that is software-defined you can embrace the best of cloud-based models, including hybrid cloud; often favoured by New Zealand organisations.

Networking in particular has lagged behind which is often evidenced by the separation of support teams and the limited ability to self-provision networking components. With a data centre that takes a software-defined approach you gain the very tangible benefit of breaking down some of these traditional infrastructure silos that typically introduce complexity and delays.

Through the use of automation, you can ensure that infrastructure capabilities are delivered consistently as designed, thereby reducing risk and optimising resource utilisation. Being software-driven allows simpler and streamlined integration with existing service management processes to ensure greater levels of control and accountability. A Software Defined Data Centre also ensures applications and services will meet the security, availability and performance SLA’s demanded by the business.

Keep an eye out for more blogs around the Software Defined Data Centre, as we explore this concept in more depth over the coming weeks.

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Author: David Jacobsen

David’s focus is on infrastructure architecture, always on the look-out for new and innovative technologies that can improve his clients business and solve real world problems.

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