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Gaining a competitive edge with a Software Defined Data Centre

SDDC competitive edge

When thinking about a Software Defined Data Centre (SDDC), it’s easy to think of it as simply an integration of a range of technologies. But what will these technologies really deliver, and how will they contribute to delivering value to your organisation?

We’ve talked about why you might consider going software-defined, and what some of the benefits are. These are some of the ways enterprises are gaining a competitive edge by taking a software-defined approach.

With SDDC you can:

  • Deliver resources to business users in minutes instead of weeks and save the organisation hundreds of thousands of dollars in energy and operational costs. This is achieved by eliminating lengthy hand-offs between teams that each need to do a special piece of curation to a VM before it becomes usable.
  • Deliver enhanced user experiences, business innovation, and operational agility with the ability to access the infrastructure from anywhere.
  • Deliver consistent environments that are deployed exactly was they were intended to be. This reduces the risk of outage from inconsistent configurations across different components. It reduces the effort required from troubleshooting inconsistent configurations and it is the building block to be able to automate the recovery of a service through redeployment rather than fault isolation and troubleshooting.
  • Control your environment in a multi-vendor, multi-service delivery model. With many vendors providing specialist expertise for different components, how do you make sure they are all doing what was agreed, at the agreed time, and on the agreed components? Automation assists with ensuring this compliance and governance can be applied across a complex environment.

Enabling the hybrid cloud

With a software-defined approach to your IT environment your workloads can be deployed on a host of different assets, whether they be in your private cloud, utilising an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform, or a combination of the two.

SDDC provides the ideal architectural foundation for the hybrid cloud model, so you can easily migrate workloads across different cloud models, while still controlling and governing your environment from a single management interface.

With many CIOs reluctant to invest in public cloud offerings due to differing skills and resource requirements, the hybrid cloud built on VMware SDDC technology allows IT departments to extend their capabilities out to the cloud using the same set of tools they’re familiar with.

With the business climate becoming increasingly disruptive and dynamic in nature, enterprises need a solid hybrid cloud solution, and the SDDC framework is the proven path to get there.

Software-Defined Private Cloud

Your on-premise Software Defined Data Centre can simply be an evolution of your current VMware server infrastructure. Customers typically begin with VMware vSphere with Operations Management and then add software-defined networking and storage, along with the applicable elements of the management layer.

Alternatively customers can choose to move to a full-infrastructure solution utilising VMware vCloud Suite directly from vSphere with Operations Management. Or, you even have the option to extend your SDDC management to include other hypervisor platforms or public cloud services with the VMware vRealize Suite, purpose built for hybrid cloud.

vCloud Air Network

vCloud Air Network is public cloud provider IaaS capability built on VMware Software Defined Data Centre technology. The obvious benefit is that with the same tools and processes you already have on premises, you can quickly, seamlessly and securely extend your data centre into the cloud. This allows you to run your hybrid environment with a common, unified model for management, orchestration, networking and security.

A natural evolution

I've mentioned this before, but SDDC is not a big-bang point solution, but rather a natural evolution of where we've been heading for some time now. It naturally makes sense to implement a data centre with a software-centric approach to get the agility, innovation, and competitive edge that your organisation is craving.

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Author: David Jacobsen

David’s focus is on infrastructure architecture, always on the look-out for new and innovative technologies that can improve his clients business and solve real world problems.

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