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Protecting your SaaS app data

With the significant trend for consuming Cloud software, which IDC believes is growing at a pace of 3 times that of traditional software delivery (IDC Market Analysis Perspective: Worldwide SaaS and Cloud Software, 2016), we really need a solid Data Protection solution for SaaS apps right?

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Data Protection in the Cloud Era

It’s no secret that cloud adoption is gathering significant steam, with an estimated 9 out of 10 operations that will be running in the cloud by 2020. Already, we know that 70% of organisations are managing some form of data in the cloud, right now. This is why it’s important for organisations to look at how their data protection platform can aid in their future strategy for cloud migration. I believe businesses should choose a data protection platform that has multi-cloud functionality, giving them the flexibility to decide the best services and solutions (private, public, or hybrid cloud) that work for them.

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Get your pre-Christmas checklist sorted now

Oh yes. Press play on the Vengaboys “We like to party” because Christmas is almost here! Nothing empties your bank account, injects a few kilos of fat into your body and ultimately makes you a little bit anxious, quite like Christmas.

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The Public Cloud Honeymoon

I still love a good conversation around IO and processing power, within esoteric circles of course. Years of infrastructure refresh projects and infrastructure management have made me appreciate the evolution of compute hardware and storage. But after entering the mystical area of Public Cloud management, I've got a whole new range of alluring features and benefits gaining my affection.

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