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When to use Docker vs Virtual Servers



05 Jul 2016

The use case for Docker is quite different from Virtual Servers (which includes IaaS/VMs/VPC), and if you were to start using Docker containers thinking they were functionally similar to Virtual Servers, then you'd be having problems.

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Why containers are the future and how to get started

SDDC, Containers


19 May 2016

In days of past, IT was generally seen as a cost centre, with the only measurement of success being “no users are complaining”. There was historically no means for IT to provide advice to the business on how to innovate using technology, nor was IT’s advice ever sought. However, times are changing, and with the ever increasing drive for market differentiation, and a business focus on digital initiatives, the pressure is on IT to be much more than simply a support function. Now IT is being relied upon to help innovate.

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Using VSAN in two or three-node clusters? You must read this

I have been an avid VMware VSAN user for two years now, and whilst I am incredibly impressed by how it performs at scale, I feel there are three considerations that need to clarified with regards to how VSAN works, and how its technology has a profound impact on the usability of two and three-node deployments.

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Virtual SAN And The Rise Of Distributed Storage

Over the last six months we have been hearing a lot about VMware’s Virtual SAN solution, and how it will shake up the industry by providing the first true Software Defined Storage platform. But what is it really, and why would you use Virtual SAN vs traditional storage?

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