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Learning through doing - the only way to truly grasp DevOps

Service Management, DevOps


06 May 2016

We all have different capabilities when it comes to learning something new. Some can grasp things very easily and some take time, and repetition to get a hold of a new idea. Most of us however, struggle to pick something up when it turns what we’ve been doing for years on its head.

When we have years of programmed “muscle memory” for any discipline, the notion of throwing a whole lot of it out to start again, is not only an affront to our senses, but most likely something we would actively try and avoid.

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ITSM Tools - Customisation without fear?

Service Management


13 Apr 2016

Hello, my name is James Coope. I am not a perfect human being. I like things for the wrong reasons, buy things based on past fears and occasionally I get caught up by the hype surrounding certain consumer products.

I am not proud of this. In fact, over the past few years I have tried very hard to improve in this area. I now research everything to death in the hope that I'll avoid that "post-purchase dissonance" one so often feels when buying something that turns out to be nothing like you expected.

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The Business Intelligence speed boat - can New Zealand catch up?

Business Intelligence


14 Oct 2015

If Silicon Valley is a speed boat driving Business Intelligence (BI) forward, companies today are latched onto the rope that it’s dragging in the water. Some are closer to the boat than others, but just to forewarn you, the boat has already (note, not “about to” but “already”) done a 180 degree turn.

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