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2015 Open Season

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21 Jan 2015


I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and cherished the opportunity to spend quality time with your loved ones. At some point after many days chasing my kids around the back yard, going to the beach and grabbing another beer I realised I have to get motivated for 2015. I thought what better way to warm up for work than to read some of the leading analyst "technology predictions for 2015". While there are numerous such predictions, I really appreciate IDC's focus on the New Zealand market in this 2015 predictions article.

While the above is interesting there is an underlying story to most of the aforementioned trends. That story is the rise of open source software within the enterprise. The rise of open source in the enterprise has largely been a stealthy affair. If you were to say 4-5 years ago that open source would dominate enterprise spend in 2015 you would laugh - and perhaps you are laughing now!

Before getting too carried away with the laughter - consider the platforms that are key contributors to several of these predictions for 2015. They are likely to, if not guaranteed to be, built on open source software. The Open source community contribution in developing NoSQL databases has been the key enabler to modern approaches to security, data analytics, the "Internet of Things" and probably the next marketecture we will invent in 2015!

NoSQL databases including MongoDB, Apache HBase, Amazon Redshift and Apache Cassandra are the leading platforms. Take a moment to review some of the vendors that are leveraging NoSQL within their product suites, such as:

What stands out when looking through these use cases is the presence of recognised enterprise IT vendors - organisations such as Microsoft, VMware, Splunk and Nutanix amongst many, many others. The range of use cases is staggering from infrastructure platforms, security platforms, social platforms, business intelligence and "plain" old big data platforms. If these NoSQL based platforms are underpinning the key initiatives for the enterprise in 2015 - how long will it be until NoSQL steps out of the shadows and open season gets declared on the traditional SQL based enterprise platforms mostly delivered by Microsoft and Oracle?

So, I will add one more prediction to the ones listed by IDC - enterprises will evaluate and deploy NoSQL in 2015. NoSQL platforms will step out of the shadows of stealthy startups and internet giants to claim their rightful place on the enterprise roadmap. The NoSQL ecosystem will give the stamp of approval for open source in the enterprise.

I hope you too are looking forward to a happy and fruitful 2015! Now, where did I leave that beer...

What are your thoughts on the role of NoSQL in your environment?

Author: Mike Weinstock

Mike’s focus is on the burgeoning business intelligence and analytics market, with a keen interest in the future of IT governance in enterprise organisations.

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