reference architecture


Developing a modern and business-relevant reference architecture is critical to ensuring that your IT infrastructure aligns to your business and technology requirements.

Reference architecture provides the blueprints that you need to deliver a fully integrated, efficient and agile operating environment. We assist you to bring together numerous and complex components in a harmonious manner, that delivers real business value.

Don't get stuck with point solutions

Extensive experience working with various New Zealand enterprises has shown that without comprehensive reference architecture, IT systems often fall short of delivering the outcomes that businesses require. It’s all too easy to get trapped in a situation of purchasing technology based on over-sold, over-configured, and over-priced vendor recommendations. Unfortunately, point solutions will at best only work for tactical projects and won’t necessarily fit with enterprise-wide environments or future initiatives.

By basing our architecture designs on real-world experiences and planning for realistic technology adoption, you can be confident that a reference architecture from ViFX can be delivered with decreased risk, and in a timely and cost effective fashion.

Reference architecture services

The architecture engagement derives the business strategy, understands the services that IT must deliver to the business and then determines the best way to interconnect, configure and deploy the technology platform to deliver against business needs.

We develop reference architecture for the following areas:

  • Cloud infrastructure
  • Server virtualisation
  • End user computing
  • Enterprise storage
  • Data protection

Ensure your business gets the best

There are many ways to achieve a certain outcome, but far fewer ways of achieving the most effective and efficient outcome. With a reference architecture developed by ViFX you can ensure you get the IT infrastructure that will serve your business needs now and into the future.