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Private Cloud as a Service


While a move to cloud technologies and services is becoming the de facto mode of IT operations, there is still a requirement for some organisations to continue to operate an on-premise infrastructure environment, often for compliance, legal, or technical reasons.

For these organisations, the choice to deploy a private cloud platform often means hiring and training a team of experts in virtualisation, implementation automation and monitoring toolsets (at great expense), and having to accurately predict capacity usage in line with both organic and inorganic growth. This typically leads to over provisioning, "shelfware" software investments, and being stuck with a commercial model that is a far cry from the flexibility of public cloud systems.

Take a new approach to private cloud

At ViFX we're changing the rules and taking a new approach to private cloud. By offering Private Cloud as a Service, we are providing New Zealand organisations with the financial model of public cloud, without compromising on the physical security benefits of a dedicated, on-premises environment.

This is made possible through a monthly subscription service whereby platform management services and VMware licenses are provided by ViFX. You simply provide the hardware onto which the service will be delivered, or purchase a new hardware package through us, and we provide your licences and a private cloud managed service.

If you need to reduce costs, have an upcoming VMware ELA renewal, or you're transitioning to cloud, then Private Cloud as a Service or SDDC as a Service is the ideal solution for your organisation.

Reap the benefits

As well as enjoying the financial benefits of a public cloud model while utilising your existing infrastructure, you can also take advantage of:

  • Reduced IT operating expense (OPEX) through streamlined self-service management
  • Reduced capital expense (CAPEX) through reduced infrastructure costs and greater utilisation of existing assets
  • Faster time-to-market through improved developer productivity and accelerated release cycles
  • Removal of "shelfware" assets, which may have been purchased, but never deployed
  • Alignment of costs to actual usage

Flexible options and simple monthly pricing

Get IT self-service abilities with a fully managed VMware environment, the latest network and storage virtualisation capabilities, and all charged on a monthly basis on actual consumption.

Choose either Private Cloud as a Service or SDDC as a Service.

  Private Cloud as a Service SDDC as a Service
Hypervisor vSphere Enterprise Plus vSphere Enterprise Plus
Management vCenter Server vCenter Server
Monitoring vRealize Operations Advanced vRealize Operations Advanced
Portal vCloud Director vRealize Orchestration and Automation
vRealize Business
vRealize Log Insight
Software Defined Networking vCloud Network & Security or VMware NSX-V VMware NSX
Software Defined Storage VMware VSAN (optional) VMware VSAN
Disaster Recovery VMware Site Recovery Manager Enterprise (optional) VMware Site Recovery Manager Enterprise (optional)

Note: This service is not a finance or rental model, it is a complete managed service. All software remains the property of ViFX. Once a subscripton period ends, ViFX will remove any software that was deployed to enable the service.