Cloud Services

Managed Advisory


Whether you're determining your cloud strategy, implementing a simple pilot cloud programme, or undertaking a large migration; ensuring planning, implementation and adoption success can be a daunting task.

Once you get to the cloud it doesn't just stop there. Continual effort to monitor, manage and optimise your cloud services is required to guarantee ongoing success and benefit realisation.

Our regular monthly services ensure you have an experienced partner to guide and support you throughout your cloud transformation programme. With regular access to our expertise you're assured of dedicated advice and support, and can be confident in the success of your cloud initiatives.

We can assist you with:

Resident consultant

Resident Consultant

On a monthly basis you have access to an expert cloud consultant or designer to assist with your cloud initiatives. Our clients find that having access to this regular advice and assistance is invaluable for augmenting their expertise and ensuring they're on the right track.

Cloud Optimisation Advisory

Cloud Optimisation Advisory

Don't let your public cloud consumption get out of control. Our monthly Billing Optimisation service provides regular analysis of your public cloud consumption and billing, and offers recommendations for optimisation of resource allocation as well as identifying potential cost savings.

With our monthly Service Optimisation offering we work with you to continually evolve and optimise your cloud solutions over time. With an understanding of your customer environment and expert knowledge of technological developments, we help you to take advantage of new offerings and enhancements to ensure you always provide the best experience possible.