Cloud Services

Hybrid Cloud


At ViFX we understand that not all applications or workloads are suitable for public cloud and that there are significant investments in existing or legacy on-premises infrastructure. In many instances a hybrid cloud solution offers the most appropriate approach.

Whether it's AWS, Azure, VMware, Google, Oracle, SoftLayer or any other public cloud service that you're looking to supplement your IT services with, ViFX is here to help. We are your expert resource for bursting from your private cloud to a public cloud in the most seamless manner.

Deploy the right application to the right cloud with a tailored solution that delivers on your unique business needs and is the best fit for your service and technology requirements.

We can assist you with:

Cloud provider federation

Cloud Provider Federation

With multiple clouds to manage you will have varying requirements for federation of services. We work with you to determine your needs for multi-cloud provisioning, multi-cloud blueprint templates, multi-cloud management, and centralised billing management, and provide recommendations for the most suitable technologies to achieve an efficient solution.

Cloud management and monitoring

Cloud Management and Monitoring

Reap the benefits of cloud without sacrificing visibility and control. Monitoring availability and performance is critical in allowing you to identify and remedy potential issues before they cause disruption to services. We provide recommendations on suitable technologies to ensure that you can effectively monitor and manage your cloud infrastructure.

Disaster recovery to the cloud

Disaster Recovery to the Cloud

Disaster Recover as a Service (DRaaS) is an ideal use-case for the cloud. However, with such a large range of options available it can be difficult to determine the best way forward. We use our expert knowledge to assess which of your systems and data would benefit from disaster recovery to the cloud, which existing components can be leveraged, and provide recommendations and cost analysis for the most suitable solution.