Infrastructure Services

detailed design


After a high-level design or reference architecture, the next step is a detailed design. This is where we go down the rabbit-hole on your behalf and document all of the component details, specifications and integrations that are necessary for implementing your IT solution.

This can only be achieved by employing the highest level of expertise and experience to truly understand the best and most efficient design for your components. We have extensive knowledge and experience with a range of vendors that allows for intimate understanding of product and technology nuances and best practices that must be taken into account to ensure the most effective implementation of your chosen solution.

With a detailed design you can guarantee that all of the technical, licensing, integration, and operational requirements are addressed, and that specifications are designed in a manner that will deliver your business the best performance, agility and cost efficiency.

Benefits of detailed design

With a detailed design you will benefit from:

  • Functionality aligned to defined business and technical requirements
  • Documented assumptions, constraints and risks
  • Identified dependencies and pre-requisites
  • Detailed technical specifications
  • Documented guidelines and best-practices

Get the details right!

You wouldn’t build a house without detailed drawings, just like you wouldn’t implement a technology solution without a detailed design. The detailed technical specifications are an integral component to ensure that the implemented solution is exactly what is necessary to deliver on your technical and business requirements.