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With the explosion of data across the enterprise, data management is critical to maintaining the sustainability of your business as well as stakeholder confidence in IT operations. This data sprawl is becoming more and more complex and requires a specialist focus to ensure data is effectively managed, protected and readily available.

We understand the importance of data protection and offer Commvault design & build consulting services as well as a comprehensive managed service.

Commvault Consulting

ViFX has the best Commvault expertise in New Zealand. Having delivered numerous designs, implementations, and upgrades over the years, customers benefit from our expert knowledge and experience. We ensure that data is managed effectively and projects are delivered seamlessly, aligning to business and technical requirements.

Managed Service

Our comprehensive managed service provides you with expert monitoring and management of your Commvault environment, for a simple monthly fee. With our expertise and specialist focus, you can be confident that your data is in safe hands.

Business benefits

As well as total peace of mind that your data is being protected and managed by experts, you’ll also benefit from:

  • Decreased operational costs to support your backup platform
  • Minimal or eliminated preventable service disruptions
  • Optimised data management capacity and performance
  • Over 99% backup success rates
  • Confidence in the integrity and availability of data restoration
  • Fast time-to-resolution for any identified faults
  • Credible reputation within your organisation

How it works

When switching from an incumbent platform the service commences with a consulting project in which your Commvault environment will be designed and built according to best practice. If you already have Commvault in place we'll carry out an on-boarding phase which includes a health review of your existing Commvault environment and remediation to bring your backup platform to optimal performance and stability.

Ongoing, the Data Protection Service provides proactive daily, weekly and monthly monitoring, remediation and reporting. Constant monitoring enables us to proactively identify potential issues and take steps to prevent any service disruptions, as well as provide you with insight into the performance and consumption of your data protection assets.

With the addition of our Data Protection Admin service you’ll also receive a team of administrators to complete tasks remotely, focussing on optimisation and continuous improvement of your data protection environment.

We work tirelessly to explore, recommend and implement new features so that you can be confident that your Commvault environment is designed for optimal performance as well as cost efficiency. With improved visibility and forecasting capabilities your team can make sound data decisions based on empirical evidence.

Don't wait for disaster

Don’t wait for a catastrophic event or data security compromise before you get your data protection environment under control. With drastically improved backup success rates and increased business confidence, the Data Protection Service is vital for your most important asset.