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While public cloud brings significant benefits, large-scale consumption requires new and specialist skills to maximise availability, optimise performance, ensure compliance, and minimise cost. It’s no secret that many organisations, in their enthusiasm to move to the cloud, have been hit with significant bill shock and increased complexity in managing third party suppliers.

Ensure your cloud service is managed effectively

We understand the complexities inherent in public cloud management, and offer a comprehensive managed service to ensure that the use and consumption of your Azure or AWS service is effectively aligned to your business requirements.

Business benefits

Take advantage of our Cloud Platform Management service to benefit from:

  • Peace of mind that your Azure or AWS environment is monitored 24x7
  • Decreased and more visible costs
  • Optimised cloud consumption and performance
  • Fast time-to-resolution for any identified issues
  • Free up your staff to focus on other valuable initiatives

How it works

The Cloud Platform Management service provides proactive public cloud management for Azure and AWS to ensure that availability, performance, consumption, right-sizing, compliance, and costs are monitored and managed effectively. With regular reporting you’ll have total transparency of your public cloud service, allowing for decreased bill shock and better decision-making. With 24x7 monitoring we are able to proactively identify any potential issues and take steps to prevent any service disruptions.

Control and comprehensive management of your public cloud service is critical to ensure your consumption remains optimal and costs are contained. With the Cloud Platform Management service we proactively manage your public cloud consumption and put cost control mechanisms in place, along with presentation of your invoice in a meaningful manner so that you can ensure accurate billing, and gain business insight.

For optimal consumption of public cloud resources we regularly undertake right-sizing exercises to ensure the best possible configuration and eliminate any potential wastage.

Don't let your public cloud consumption get out of control

Don’t wait to receive an invoice that has you falling off your chair! Take advantage of the Cloud Platform Management service to ensure optimal performance of your cloud environment along with ultimate cost control and visibility.