Cloud Services

Cloud Optimisation


Optimise and manage your cloud costs for ultimate clarity and control. Utilising our Cloud Optimisation Platform you can track and control your consumption of public cloud allowing you to gain insight and effectively optimise your environment.

The Cloud Optimisation Platform provides comprehensive and in-depth understanding of cloud usage and cost across multiple accounts and cloud services, with actionable recommendations to improve efficiency, cut costs and enhance performance. Empower financial and technical teams with visibility, self-service reporting and forecasting.

Benefit from the following features:

  • One console for all clouds
  • Optimiser recommendations
  • Cost management
  • Alert on projected project overspend
  • Scheduled reporting
  • Customisable dashboards
  • Export to CSV and PDF
  • Hierarchical entity management
  • Cost allocation modelling
  • Tag manager

Optimisation_-_Dashboard.jpg     optimisation-instance-distribution.jpg

optimisation-current-month-projected-cost.jpg     optimisation-buying-recommendations.jpg

Put the information to good use

By providing clarity around your costs and cloud consumption we can offer you helpful analysis and recommendations on ways in which you can optimise your environment to enhance cloud performance and reduce cost. See our Managed Advisory service for more information.