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Use our safe pair of hands to do the heavy lifting for you. With our expertise and experience we execute your cloud migrations, ensuring a smooth and efficient process along with minimal disruption.

Enjoy a safe and seamless migration to cloud and accelerate your time to value by leveraging our cloud migration or tactical deployment services. We mitigate your risk by ensuring all requirements components, and configurations are carefully planned and executed by our specialist technical team.

We can assist you with:

Cloud migrations

Cloud Migrations

Our cloud migration service can deploy either VM to IaaS migrations or IaaS to IaaS migrations. With your approach determined, we seamlessly execute your migration including target component configuration, creating migration groups, devising migration methods, migration scheduling and process management.

IaaS and PaaS tactical deployments

IaaS and PaaS Tactical Deployments

It can be frustrating going through the process of a cloud application proof of concept, when all you really require is to get a service up and running to prove the value of cloud. With our IaaS and PaaS tactical deployments we take care of the foundation components so that the value of cloud can be tested quickly and efficiently.