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Cloud has reshaped the IT landscape and many New Zealand organisations are looking for ways in which they can leverage the cloud benefits to more effectively compete in an increasingly competitive market.

With a range of cloud models to choose from and several cloud providers available, the options and potential paths to cloud are numerous. We help you navigate this complex landscape by providing impartial, strategic advice on how you can take advantage of the myriad cloud opportunities available to you, and ensure they align to the broader needs of your organisation.

We can assist you with:

Cloud strategy

Cloud Strategy

Your cloud strategy is crucial in delivering your organisation a platform for innovation and operational agility. Comprehensive strategic analysis is essential to executing against both business and technical requirements, and is a critical task that demonstrates why the recommended consumption model is superior to the alternatives considered.

Cloud provider selection

Cloud Provider Selection

With your business and IT requirements in mind, we assist you to compare a selection of public cloud delivery models to determine the best fit for your organisation. Whether you're considering AWS, Azure, Google, VMware, Oracle, SoftLayer, Datacom, Revera, other New Zealand sovereign clouds or something unique, we can develop conceptual architectural views, compare the relative costs over five years, and provide a recommendation for the most suitable option, along with adoption and operational considerations.

Business case assistance

Business Case Assistance

Leveraging our deep industry insight and a pragmatic technologist's approach to financial analysis, we assist our clients to develop defensible and actionable IT delivery strategies. With comprehensive analysis that can cover relative cost of ownership, cloud investment and spend evaluation, cloud cashflow forecasting, and more, we assist you to develop your business case so you can confidently justify investment in your chosen IT delivery model.